A new sign in flow for existing Enzyme costumers.

From complexity to clarity: Rebuilding an eQMS
As the Director of Design at Enzyme, I navigated the intricacies of online quality management systems in healthcare. My approach centered on a thorough analysis of the app's existing framework to significantly improve its user experience. This resulted in a sophisticated, user-centric eQMS. A crucial part of this process involved creating a new design system and completely reimagining the app's navigation.

New Enzyme dashboard.

Contextual slide-overs.

Enhancing user experience through contextual navigation
Previously, Enzyme required users to hop between sections, disrupting their flow. In the new design users can access additional content and perform tasks within the same page, without leaving their current context. This streamlined, intuitive approach significantly improved the user experience, making information retrieval and task completion more seamless and efficient, since users are always engaged with the content relevant to their current context.

The Overview section in Document Control.

Well-known document browsing
Acknowledging the complexity of managing extensive documentation, my objective here was to create a more familiar interface for Document Control. The redesigned file browser simplifies the user experience by aligning itself with common workflows of Enzyme users and well-known design patterns in the industry.

Document file browser.

Encouraging collaboration between team members.

Fostering collaboration in decision-making
Understanding the importance of transparency in decision-making processes, I focused on ensuring that team members were always informed about the reasons behind the approval or denial of Change Requests. To facilitate this, I integrated a discussion board within contextual slide-overs. This enhancement not only promotes active collaboration but also ensures that team decisions are well-informed and transparent, fostering a more cohesive and effective working environment for Enzyme customers.

New Enzyme settings.

Clarity in complexity
One of the big challenges was tackling Enzyme's huge amount of custom settings. Recognizing the natural complexity of eQMS systems, I devised a solution that focused on clarity and ease of navigation, transforming a previously overwhelming experience into one that is straightforward. This reorganization simplifies the user journey and enhances the efficiency of customizing the eQMS to meet specific needs.

Input fields in Enzyme's new design system.

Enzyme's new color system.

A systematic approach to familiarity
In revamping Enzyme's eQMS, I addressed the legacy UI's lack of systemic cohesion, marked by visual and usability inconsistencies. Our new design system brought consistency and predictability, essential for user confidence and interaction. By harmonizing each UI component, we fostered incremental user familiarity, vital for effortless navigation and engaging experiences. This redesign marked a significant step in ensuring every user interaction was intuitive and resonant, enhancing the journey in our eQMS.
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