Mission home page for onboarding new members.

Tablet-optimized version of the Mission member home page.

Designing a marketplace for curated teams
During my time at Mission as Product Designer, my main goal was to help the company rebuild its platform with a clean and easy user experience and user interface. Defining the information hierarchy of the new Mission platform was a true team effort. Understanding user priorities and how to distribute elements in the page was key. The member home page was designed to prioritize relevant updated information about the missions they're were currently part of.
A place to find missions that match your skills
The Mission board was designed to allow member to quickly browse and manage missions that match their specific skills. The challenge was to set an adequate information hierarchy that was both straightforward and deep in terms of layout and content.

Tablet-optimized version of the Mission board.

Some of the UI elements that were built to be part of the Mission Design System.

Mission Story feature for squad leads.

Telling a story
Mission squad leads are responsible for communicating any mission progress to clients. That was the goal of the Mission Story feature—a curated feed published by the squad lead.
Crunching the numbers
Infographics were a huge part of of the design that was done for the new Mission member platform. Mission Report was the feature used by members to keep track squad efficiency.

Mission Report feature for squad members.

Communicating design to developers
Communication between designers and developers is a very important aspect of working collaboratively. Despite having interactive prototypes, I felt it was also helpful to document UI and UX micro interactions and behaviors a format that could be easily referenced to by the dev team.

Mission updates email template.

Mission Design System
I built a full design system for the new Mission platform, including color palette, input fields, cards, headers, tables, grid system, and a completely custom iconset.
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