Loyal branding.

Building a pharma brand people love
As a Product Designer, I was part of Loyal's amazing Creative Team. Our goal was to build a pharmaceutical brand people love. Branding and UI/UX design were the core aspects of my day-to-day work: building a strong design system, exploring designs for new tools to help our scientific study participants, establishing the company look and feel through all its products, etc.

Design explorations.

Design explorations.

Article layout.

An educational approach
One of the key attributions of the Creative Team was to educate study participants and the general public on the complex science behind Loyal's main goals.

Website navigation and hero area explorations.

Encouraging participants
X-Thousand Dogs was one of Loyal's studies I was heavily involved in. From time to time we needed to collect additional information from enrolled dogs and pet parents. Designing effective call-to-actions was key in order to accomplish that.

A couple of X-Thousand Dogs CTAs.

X-Thousand Dogs participant profile page.

X-Thousand Dogs required frequent reports to be delivered to participants.

Clarity, seriousness and kindness—all at once
Designing public pages for Loyal was all about building a sense of confidence by combining visual clarity, seriousness and kindness. We couldn't lose focus from the fact that Loyal is a hard science company, but also a company with a great mission to back it up.

Clinical trials page design explorations.

The iconset I designed as part of the Loyal Design System.

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